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OpenIO : How to Flush a Bucket

Background When trying out OpenIO or when some unexpected event occurs on the platform, it may happen that you would like to flush a specific bucket from its content. I had the opportunity to very quickly fill-up my test platform with some outdated backup sets archived out of my Rubrik platform. It was not critical data and it was safe to flush them. But ok, how can we do this ? Flushing a Bucket This is not feasible out of the box and OpenIO support guided me through this process. 1) Get the exact name of the bucket you would like to flush 2) List all object in that bucket 3) Issue a delete command 2) and 3) can be done in a "piped" command so, you can automate the process which makes life easier (less safer?). Getting the bucket name #  openio --oio-ns OPENIO --oio-account AUTH_34698f84fb3541e1b35b8663f70a0842 container list   +--------------------------+-------------+-------+ | Name                     |       Bytes | Count | +-------------

Change Software Language in Microsoft Office for OS X

Background I have my OS X default language set to French. It is fine, I can leave with it. But Office, I really prefer to have it in English. When installing Office 2016 for Mac, it automatically sets the program language to the OS language. Seems legit ! If you want to change it afterward, there is a workaround.