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Rubrik : Check Backups Integrity

Background Rubrik is good at doing backups, but in the enterprise world, backups are nothing if there are no restore tests planned. You know how boring this could be. Rubrik make backup great again by providing efficient and reliable sexy UI but the restore tests are still painful, time consuming and not appealing. Guess what ? Rubrik came again to another revolution : the backup integrity check !

Rubrik : Download MS SQL DB Files

Background When migrating MS SQL database to another location, or even in the cloud, you may want to have the MS SQL database files. It might not be the current version of the running files, it could be what you have recently backed up on the Rubrik appliance. There is a way to generate and download the original data files from a Rubrik snapshot. But, what if you have 48 DBs on 3 differents Rubrik cluster ?