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Linux : Mount an Bucket on a Linux Machine

Background If you are already using an object store, you probably have a use case where you want to access the content of the bucket directly from the Linux filesystem. In my case, I'm using Cloudian, and I would like to directly read/write content from/to my Linux machine. Cloudian is object store and Linux is using traditional block store. But, wait ! it is possible to mix those environments !

Cloudian : Rubrik Archiving and Cloud Tiering

Background One way to save on expanding a Rubrik Cluster is to offload it. You can do that with an on-prem object store, or in the cloud. But if on-prem is still your way to go, you can consider object store solution. You already know about OpenIO but there are other players : Cloudian is one of them. Their architecture is web scale, same way as Rubrik, Nutanix and all the modern companies these days. The good think with Cloudian is the cloud tiering. If some archives are exceeding a certain lifetime, you can decide to offload your Cloudian appliance and start moving them in the cloud of your choice. Very clever !