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Arduino : Monitor Solar Panels Production (Part 4)

Background We did a lot of very interesting work so far and we already have a nice working product. However, I have the feeling it is lacking in few aspects. Especially the visibility of its own status and something showing it is working and reporting the data correctly.

ChatGPT : The Future is Now

Background Yes, I did not resist to share an article on the most discussed topic of the last month ... ChatGPT, the new all terrain tool that address any questions. Instead of writing about something you already know, I let ChatGPT to create this blog post. I asked  questions and I merged the answers below. This is mind blowing ! Let me know in comments what you think about ChatGPT and the generated content. Please Keep in mind that I only layout the text, the entire content is AI-generated.

Wallbox : API Episode 3

Background I've received some very positive messages related to my posts about the Wallbox API. This is very rewarding and I would like to thank all the people who are reaching out 🙏🏻. In the comments, I've see people asking for API to restart the unit remotely. Since API only limit is the sky, let's see what can be done.

Rubrik : How to run a script with 2FA enabled

Background Recently, Rubrik is enforcing the 2FA authentication (Multi Factor Authentication). This is a great security feature that minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to your environment. But how does it work within a script ? There is no way to enter a 2FA code when running a script every day at 2 am for example. The 2FA is enforced starting at CDM v 8.0.2 with a 3 month grace period to allow the customers to adjust their security.