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Linux : Easily get any system details

Background Sometimes, when writing scripts or when troubleshooting a problem on a Linux platform you are struggling to remember how to get the number of cores, the current IP address, the kernel version, available space, ... All those settings are present somewhere in the system. Remember, with Linux, everything is file based. There is a way to easily get those details with one single command. Please continue reading !

Rubrik : Windows 2003 and SMB shares problem

  Background You still have old physical Windows 2003 servers that you want to migrate to new VMs but before doing that a full backup is a must. You tried to deploy the Rubrik backup agent on it but dam, this is not supported since only exists on 64 bits binaries. What to do ? There is another option : making good use of NAS shares. Problem : you cannot add the share on the Rubrik side, it seem to hang somewhere. I have the solution