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TheMagic5 : The swimmer's Peace of Mind

Background This post may be a bit different from others in the blog, but actually not too different. I enjoy swimming and make an effort to swim at least once a week, but I've always struggled to find suitable swimming goggles. The issue is often water getting inside, causing discomfort from being too tight, becoming foggy, and so on. When you're focused on counting your strokes, it's not practical to stop and adjust your goggles every lap. In the 21st century, there should be a solution to this problem.

ServerCheck : Get the Sensor value from CLI

Background I'm monitoring the temperature in the datacenter with sensors from ServerCheck . They are reliable and very efficient. They support SNMP and have a comprehensive UI. But, I recently had the need to get the value of one sensor from the CLI. I noticed the company has been renamed to InfraSensing, but the hardware is still the same. Let's see what can be done !

JLCPCB : Monitor Solar Panels Production (Part 5)

Background I always wanted to print my own PCB. This is so cool to see his own design getting to life. There are a couple of online PCB makers and I'm ready to test one of them ! But how does it work ? What should I do ? How much does it cost ? Where to start ?!?