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Nutanix CE : Using Rubrik for Backup

Background There we go, you have been able to deploy a Nutanix CE instance for your lab/testing environment. You would like to set some backups up ? You also have some Rubrik deployment and you would like to take benefit of this environment ? This is totally making sense but you cannot add your CE cluster because of the AOS version incompatibility ? There is a way to overcome this - at your own risks !

Nutanix : Physical move ?

Background Sometimes in the life of the datacenter, you need to move hardware from one location to another. Funny enough, we not always think that we need to move - especially when everything works (very) well. In the case of a Nutanix cluster, this could require some particular attention.

Rubrik : Get basic cluster details with rkFramework.php

Background A good example of using the rkFramework.php described in the previous article. This is showing how to call some functions to get some basic cluster info. rkGetinfo.php I have created this script to have a quick overview of a Rubrik cluster, version, nodes, IPs, SLAs, unmanaged object, cluster runway, last events etc ... very handy to quickly discover a new environment or simply check an existing one. The script is available on GitHub . It requires two external files : the rkFramework.php (also available on GitHub ) and a credentials.php file to point to the right cluster with the right access. Once in action, you will see similar output : Feel free to tweak the script as much as you love, so it fits your requirements. Hope this helps!