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Rubrik : User Addition/Deletion with API

Background When you have multiple cluster, you may want to create or revoke access easily to your platform. If your clusters are not connected to a central directory, you need to go one by one and pray for not forgetting one. Hopefully, API comes to the rescue!

Rubrik : Php Framework

Background I never formally introduced my php Framework, although I already used it many times for various tasks. I think, this is now the good time to write a little bit more about it. Indeed, on my daily job, I had some specific needs that cannot be solved by the "out of the box" cluster. It really does not matter since Rubrik offers the ability to make API calls for various tasks.

Rubrik : RPO in Minutes Instead of Hours

Background When you have very critical applications, sometimes, the minimum of 1h RPO (Recovery Point Objective) that can be configured on a SLA is not sufficient. There is a way to specify a SLA with minutes instead of hours. But, for this you need API calls !

Nutanix : I've Tested Nutanix Frame!

Background In those days where we are connected from everywhere, we are all looking at having the same experience on any platforms. This is where VDI is coming from. Today, VDI is very common but users want more. Administrators as well, they want granularity and easiness.