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Nutanix AHV : Running Windows 11 beta

Background This is not a big secret, the next famous OS from Microsoft leaked over the Internet few days ago . Windows 11 beta. I'm not a Windows fan, but I'm curious about anything technology related (as you already notice since you are here). I was wondering how it looks and what is the experience. The only quick and easy platform that I have with me is a Nutanix AHV cluster. I wonder if it works.

Php : Easy Documentation Generator

Background We all been there, and probably me first. When creating codes, the documentation consist most of the time by the comments in the codes ... *sic* For small projects by couple of hundreds lines this is ok but when your project start to hits some 10 thousand lines, this is becoming an issue. There are multiple of initiative on the market to help generating proper documentation (phpDocumentor, phpDox, ....). But they are all massive and not intuitive. I decided to create something ultra simple providing a php source file containing all your function, and an output file that will generating markdown syntax. Ideal for GitHub.

WiFi : TP-Link Mesh WiFi Deco M5

Background I don't know about you but my house is not easy to cover with good and strong WiFi coverage. I've tested almost everything : central strong AP, different WiFi networks, extension via power line, multiple APs with same SSID... all my attempts to get a solid coverage were wrong and this is very frustrating. The dream would be to have multiple hotspots with the same SSID and a technology that allows roaming between APs like mobile networks ... but wait !