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Nutanix : NTC - Nutanix Technology Champion

Becoming a Nutanix Technology Champion ! Nutanix has created in 2014 the NTC (Nutanix Technology Champion) Program . This is a group of selected people from both Nutanix Partners and Customers who are specialized in some specific area of the Nutanix galaxy. Put together in a Slack channel, it is forming an amazing set of knowledge.  These NTCs are part of briefings and early bird announcements regarding the future of Nutanix, some specific products and partnership with other industry leaders. Each year, at the .NEXT Conference, they have a specific role to play and the involvement came start at writing blog post, be an active forum member or even be a speaker during .NEXT (either way on the main stage or on breakout session). This community is really bringing values to the product : as I'm used to say, this is a win-win situation for both Nutanix and the customers since the NTC program allows direct access to internal Nutanix human resource. Even Dheeraj Pandey (Nutani

Linux : Change Default Console Keyboard Layout

Background You are creating Linux VMs - whatever hypervisor you are using - and you are configuring your local keyboard layout. In my case, this will be Belgian (be-latin1). But, when you colleague from UK or US is connecting to the console for whatever reason, his password is always wrong. This is because he is using a different keyboard layout that the one used for VM creation. This is annoying and in most cases a waste of time. It does not happen when accessing the VM using SSH . Let's localectl ! Your best friend for this case if  localectl . To check the current status, issue this command : # sudo localectl status    System Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8        VC Keymap: be-latin1       X11 Layout: be To list available mapping, you can use this command : # sudo localectl list-keymaps ANSI-dvorak al al-plisi amiga-de amiga-us applkey at at-mac at-nodeadkeys at-sundeadkeys atari-de atari-se atari-uk-falcon atari-us az [...] You ca