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3D Printing : Remotely Switch on/off your 3D Printer

Background I think, like most of the 3D Printer guys, you have your printer in your basement. This is indeed a great place, but it means each time you are about to start a print, you have to go downstairs, start the power switch, and go back at your computer place and star the print. OctoPrint is easy to get remote access to the printer, but, what about controlling the power switch ?!?

Rubrik : Detect & Protect Unprotected VMs

Background We came to a point where unprotected VMs can be out of sight and we could potentially miss protection on some important object. We do not want to apply a default protection at the top level of our infrastructure to avoid any uncomfortable storage usage. So what ? It would be nice to have a script running on a cluster and check what are the unprotected VM and apply an SLA ... mmmh let me think...

Rubrik : Automate Nutanix Cluster Configuration

Background I would like to automate the Nutanix AHV cluster addition on my Rubrik appliances. Either for testing purpose or for more general deployments. In order to achieve this, you need to perform couple of actions and clicks in the UI. But since the Rubrik UI is API-First, of course, that should be doable via API call ? Isn't it ? But why limiting this to only adding new Cluster ? Let's see...