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Nutanix : Get Size of AHV Snapshots

Background While working on a AHV cluster, you can notice that, with time, the storage decreases. This is obvious, all VMs are using thin-provisioning by default. Doing some cleanup and maintenance is required on every IT systems and Nutanix does not escape the rule. One area where we are not focusing enough is the snapshots we are creating and most of the time forgot !

Rubrik : Generate Executive Summary

Background It happens quite often that my management is asking for details about our Rubrik usage. Not only a single cluster, all clusters ! This is time consuming (boring too) to go on each clusters, collects the details, compute total usage, protection status, storage savings ratio .... I think you know me now, I'm fan of automating boring things. This task does not escape to the rule ;)

Linux : Rocky Linux

Background I believe most of you heard about the new Red Hat strategy around CentOS ? One of the favorite OS for Linux testing in the Enterprise ? Yes, CentOS used to be the most stable and conservative environment in the Red Hat family (CentOS, Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux - aka RHEL). When Red Hat announced they are going to shift CentOS to a rolling release exactly like Fedora for the end user world. Many Sysadmin out there were wondering how to address that issue. I believe we have a solid candidate.