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RClone : Mount Google Drive on any File System

Background Would it be nice to directly manipulate Google Drive as part of the OS File System ? Would it be nice to automate backups directly in the cloud ? Would it be nice to stop buying expensive external storage ? The idea is not to send a "all to cloud" message. But sometimes, this very handy to have quickly have access to some centralized storage. Well, I think so. But How ? Cloud Storage is object storage (S3 like), so each files are actually identified by a unique URL and a set of credentials granting or not certain rights. There is a way of course !

Rubrik : Using GraphQL

Background Sending REST API calls to the cluster is sometimes slow and not very efficient. I came across some interesting posts on that topic. It looks like while REST is getting all the results (even the one you are not interested with) it exist another query type that only returns what you are looking for. This is GraphQL. Let's have a look !

Raspbian : I've lost my password !

Background Yeah, I know, I should have written it down in a safe place, in a vault or so. But it happened. I've lost access to my Raspberry taking care of my hotspot and sending my various API calls to my Yamaha Amplifier . This is an issue since I need to adjust some settings !