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75k !

We made it !  My blog just hit 75k hits with a daily average of 100 visis. This is amazing. When I started in March 2018, I wasn't too sure about the directions and the life time of this blog on the long term. So far so good I would say ! ;) I'm very happy of the outcome and the contacts I made during the last 2 years thanks to this blog. I hope you still like it and the knowledge share it give to the community. I have some stats to share with you, just for fun! First, the top 5 countries visiting this place :  The "Unknown Region is a bit scary ;) Next, what is actually making the audience, here are the top 5 visited articles :  I'm not the only one loving Raspberry Pi's ! Now, what are you using to read my blog, top 5 browsers : It looks like people understood that IE is a browser for you ! Lastly, what OS are you using to reach me :   Windows, without any surprise is the winner, but I'm quite surprised t