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Apple : Switching from Intel to M1

Background Of course, you are all aware that Apple released their own CPU based on ARM technologies . I'm not going to tell you how powerful they are and all the marketing blablabla.. The reason why I'm creating this post is because some applications might not work in the Enterprise world. Since I'm a professional user, I need to be sure I'm all set and ready on my software stack. I will try to help you to validate yourself based on my experience

AWS : Create a macOS Desktop

Background You ever wanted to play around with a Macintosh environment and never had the opportunity nor the money, you tried to virtualize one but never managed to get it working ? The good news is Amazon did it for you ! But, how to make it working ?!?  AWS recently launched the macOS AMI as part of their  bare metal service. It can be leased for a minimum of 24 hours and it cost USD 25.00 for 24 hours and next, it is USD 1.083 per extra hour. The machines are Intel  Core i7 Mac mini with 32GB of RAM for the moment. If you do the math, this is actually very expensive if you plan to use it on a long term. Some other websites are saying that after 77 days of rent, you actually match the price of a real Mac mini. So, use this with caution, for a week or so just a quick test, I think this is valuable.