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Rubrik : Add OpenIO as an archival target

Background You have a Rubrik cluster which is becoming full and you are thinking at started archiving to off-load the appliance. There are few ways to archive from Rubrik. Once of them is by using object store. Object store became popular with Amazon S3. There are expansive solutions that provides out of the box object store and there is Open Source.

Nutanix : CVMs are running out of space (sic!)

Background Trying to upgrade to the latest AOS, NCC, Hypervisor .... but you are running out of space on your cluster and pre-checks are failing ? There is a fix ! Let's do some cleanup Logs are taking a lot of space, same for temp files and old binaries. Those simple commands can be ran on each of the CVMs to save space : nutanix@NTNX-15SM15xxxxxx-A-CVM:~$ df -h Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda2       9.8G  5.2G  4.1G  56% / devtmpfs         14G     0   14G   0% /dev tmpfs            14G  4.0K   14G   1% /dev/shm tmpfs            14G  696K   14G   1% /run tmpfs            14G     0   14G   0% /sys/fs/cgroup /dev/sda3        40G   23G   17G  59% /home tmpfs           2.8G     0  2.8G   0% /run/user/1000 /dev/sdd1       917G  238G  670G  27% /home/nutanix/data/stargate-storage/disks/9XG843J5 /dev/sdc1       917G  248G  660G  28% /home/nutanix/data/stargate-storage/disks/9XG86131 /dev/sdb1       917G  249G  660G  28% /home/nutanix/da

Nutanix : Remove Prism Central registration

Background You have removed your Prism Central VM and your cluster still shows a registered but disconnected status. You would like to unregister the cluster with a "force" status and start again with a new Prism Central deployment. Yes, this is possible, this is documented but for some reason it does not work. There is a KB on the Nutanix portal ( ) but it does not work/apply to your case. I miss read it and here is the solution !