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Nutanix : Non-disruptive Physical Memory Upgrade

Background After a couple of years of service, your loved cluster is becoming old, there is no better way to refresh him than providing a big more space for VMs and services by upgrading the nodes' memory. I did that few days ago and now the cluster is like brand new. Let's do this ! So, for the sake of compliance, conformity and risk, I would like to share the official Nutanix procedure with you, so you know the real background. The official procedure is located here . Important to mention at this stage that the below procedure is applying to AHV environments. If you are running either vmware or Hyper-V, there are some additional steps described in the official Nutanix documentation. My cluster is a 5 years old 1050 with 3 nodes. Originally shipped with 128GB RAM. It was becoming slow and I wanted to test Calm so forget it with that so low memory figures. I decided to upgrade it to 256 GB per node. This is the status of the cluster before upgrade Hig