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Nutanix : CVM stuck into Phoenix

Background Last night, I was in my monthly upgrades process for my clusters. I was about to catch up with all the versions. I was about to start the last run of patches, so I ran the LCM inventory for the last time. Of course I was doing something else in parallel - LCM is so time consuming, you'd better parallel tasking. When I came back to the LCM inventory screen, I saw 6 pre-checks errors : Cassandra down, network down, connection timeout, .... Most scary : node removed from Metadata Ring.

Wallbox : API Episode 2

Background In the previous episode about "using API and Wallbox", we have seen some interesting ways to interact with the charger. In this episode, the goal is to add some more practical examples. Indeed, if you are following my GitHub repo on this topic, I have added some functions for pausing, resuming the charging session as well as locking and unlocking the charger. Also, I can set the charging power to a certain number of Amps. Let's see this in action !

Wallbox : Get The Most Of It (with API)

Background Two month ago, I got myself a PHEV (Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and of course, thinking at the future, I also installed a class-2 charger at home. The obvious choice to me was the Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger. Small form factor, easy to set up, affordable and reliable. Wallbox software offering is great : centralized statistics on their website, mobile app, ... everything. But, is there any API available ? ;)