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Background You are a real upgrade nerd and you could not wait to upgrade your Macbook to Catalina. Yeah, this is cool (they finally dropped the dashboard!). But some anticipated edge effects just hit you in the face : Google Chrome is not able to reach your favorite internal website ! Indeed, Google Chrome does not allow you to bypass the self signed certificate error. Damn!

Rubrik : Managing Users From CLI

Background I came across a challenge the other day. A new starter in the company! With 7 different clusters worldwide, not easy to handle (well - painful, waste of time, ... you name it). The pity is : our clusters are still using local authentication. I was sure we can automate this.

Rubrik : Deploy EDGE into Nutanix AHV Cluster

Background You are a Nutanix customer but not in the vmware shop and you still want to make good use of Rubrik EDGE virtual appliances. The good news is : Rubrik EDGE can run on Nutanix AHV. But, some extra actions are needed to achieve this.