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Php : Welcome to Rubrik Central !

Background You managed to be a happy Rubrik customer and you just rolled out your second cluster. Now, you need visibility, a dashboard, anything that can help you to visualize your investment, in a nice and easy way with only what you are looking for ... [for free!] You eventually reach out to your Rubrik salesman and guess what ? Answer will be we don't have. Well, nothing else than a SaaS platform called Polaris doing a lot of stuff that you do not need now. But I have an answer for you !

Nutanix : Php, API, AHV Reporter !

Background Because I had to share this with you a long time ago, I decided to do it now. There is a Nutanix employee ( Magnus Andersson , VCDX56 ,  from Sweden) who created a wonderful reporting script for AHV-based Nutanix clusters. This script is written in bash and I think, this is a good opportunity for me to share my Nutanix php Framework. So, I decided, with his consent, to port his script into php. This is a good way to introduce my php framework ;)