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Domoticz : Monitor Solar Panels Production (Part 3)

Background Since the lovely box is now created , let's see how we can improve the reporting. ThingSpeak and MATLAB cannot provide me with the relevant reporting - simply because I need time to learn how it works and honestly, I have something else in mind. I have a home automation platform at home called Domoticz, may be I can get something out of it !

3D Printing : Monitor Solar Panels Production (Part 2)

Background Now that we have created a device to measure our solar production , it is the perfect timing to improve it. In the previous post, all the electronic components are exposed to the dust and anyone can potentially disconnect the components - intentionally or not. It would be nice to secure everything in a custom made enclosure !

Arduino : Monitor Solar Panels Production (Part 1)

Background With this article, I'm actually starting a new section on my blog : some electronic builds. I have solar panels on my roof since 2009 and this is a real benefit. I mean, not only the environment is happy, my wallet as well. Price of electricity these days are crazy and this is a relief to count on this extra "free" production. The problem is : my inverter is old and provides no means to see how my production looks like during the day. I can only check the production since they have been in production (I have a so called green meter). Plan is to create a cheap mean to measure and log the production.