Nutanix : Cannot remove a Remote Site


Somehow, the latest version of Nutanix AOS (starting at v5.5) integrated a bug in the protection domains management. You cannot remove a remote site without getting this message :

They know about the error and they are going to release a fix in v5.5.1. But so far, we need to use a workaround to complete this action.

Removing the Remote Site using command line

First, you need to ssh to any of the CVMs and issue the following command :

ncli> rs ls    
    Name                      : MyRemoteSite
    Uuid                      : 000521a4-3d74-3861-0000-0000000069fd
    Capabilities              : disaster_recovery
    Replication Bandwidth     : -
    SSH Tunnel Enabled        : false
    Remote Address(es)        :
    Vstore Map                : NTNX-NFS-DEFAULT:NTNX-NFS-DEFAULT
    Proxy Enabled             : false
    Compression               : on
    Bandwidth Policy          : disabled
    Health Status             : 
    Status                    : relationship not established

Check the relevant name in the above list and then issue this command :

ncli> rs rm  name=MyRemoteSite force=true
Remote site MyRemoteSite has been successfully marked for deletion

After a couple of seconds, the remote site is gone in Prism UI.

BUT, this is not 100% completed at this stage since some work is still required at the CVM firewalling rules level. This is why it is highly recommended to contact Nutanix support at this stage to complete the task.

I hope this helps other folks.


  1. if you cant delete remote site cause ---> Error: Remote site is in use. this is because still vms under replication, follow below to stop replication :

    1- get replication id and protection domain name by typing command : ncli pd ls-repl-status
    2- abort replication by typing command : ncli pd abort-replication name= {Protection Domain Name} replication-ids={id no.}
    3- then remove protection vm and remove site

    1. Hi Ahmed,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. You are partially right, but in the issue described above, this was not the case. I imagine that this post is a little bit out of date since latest Nutanix AOS is 5.11. But this was a known issue at that time confirmed by the Nutanix support.

      Furthermore, this was using a Community Edition for the above error but this was exactly the same behavior on the commercial edition.

      Thanks for reading my blog !


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