Rubrik : Hack the API stack !


You like to code, you like creating scripts, you already master the Rubrik API but there are some very specific API call that you can't do. You already tried the inspect function in Chrome browser to get the real API call. I would admit that it helps, but sometimes this is complicated to find the right piece of the puzzle. Stay tuned, there is more ! ;)

Let's meet the Rubrik API Code Capture !

[UPDATE] Official Rubrik announcement is here.

Yes, you read it well ! Rubrik silently released a Chrome plugin specifically to analyze each Rubrik API call made by the CMD and Polaris interface !!! I just discovered it yesterday !

Go to the Chrome Web Store here. Installation is straight forward. It will add a Rubrik icon in your plugin bar at the top.

Plugin description : "The extension captures the API calls that both Rubrik CDM and Polaris UIs issue to their underlying platforms. By opening the extension and monitoring which API calls are used when you manually complete that task in the UI, you can easily answer the question “how do I automate X task?”

Now this is installed, so what ? How does it work ?

Access one of your Rubrik cluster web UI or even Polaris UI with Chrome, right click the page and chose "Inspect".

A new section will open at the bottom of the screen, locate the Rubrik item :

If you click on the Rubrik menu item in the inspect section, you will see a new bottom window where you can start recording for any API calls. Each time the webpage is doing an API call, it will capture it and display it in a nice way. You can pause scrolling and you can stop recording as well to analyze the various calls. If you click on a specific API call, you can see the request body (if any, depending on the API call) and the response body with all the details returned by the API stack.

This is really a great add-on for every developper ! Of course, I still need to explore it a little and I'm actually trying to find an official documentation about it ...

I will continue using it and see how I can enhanced this blog post. Very promising !


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