Rubrik : Download MS SQL DB Files


When migrating MS SQL database to another location, or even in the cloud, you may want to have the MS SQL database files. It might not be the current version of the running files, it could be what you have recently backed up on the Rubrik appliance. There is a way to generate and download the original data files from a Rubrik snapshot. But, what if you have 48 DBs on 3 differents Rubrik cluster ?

API to the rescue !

As always, the answer is in the API stack ! This is a two ways process. First, you need to generate the files and then, download them from the generated URL.

I have created a script interfacing those 2 API calls, you can find it on my GitHub here.

Here is the script in action : 

This is generating 1 zip file per database. It contains 2 files : the data and the log files.

Once you have the files, this is easy to attach them in any MS SQL instance using MS SQL Studio. Of course, you first need to extract the produced archive. Simply copy the files to their final destination and choose Attach from the SQL Studio.

That's it ! ;)


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