Rubrik : Get VM Specs from a Snapshot

I did a mistake - we all do - I have changed the specs on the wrong VMs and of course I did not recall the original settings. I thought I could get them from my backup since all these details are retained when we need to export the VM. Ok, but how ?


Again, API to the rescue ! But wait, this is only working for vmware snapshots. For Nutanix AHV, I was not able to find the information and Rubrik support confirmed this is not accessible or exposed via any customer accessible API for now.

The API endpoint we are looking at is located on the v1 APIs and it is called

Of course, you first need to get the vm id, and the snapshot id you are looking at.
I have 2 functions in my framework that could help to get those values :


I just created a new function returning the compute and storage details, that could be handy and save time in many situation


It tooks me about 90 minutes to create this code (researches included). If I had to restore the entire VM to get the details it would have probably taken twice that time. And, I'm ready for any other such activities in the future.

The full code can be found on my Github Repository. It is very short and simple but does the job ;)

Long story short : I could find what I was looking for and revert back to the original VM specs - incognito.

Feature Request

I raised a feature request to Rubrik asking to have a mouseover info when navigating in the snapshot calendar window. So, that would definitely make life easier when we need to quickly have access to that information. Because of course, from one backup to another the VM specs could be different.

As always, I hope this is helping others !


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