Grid Studio : Amazing Wall Decorations!


Lock down, working from home, ... we all been there and for a long time. Since this situation is going to last; we need to have a nice working environment. Today, I'm presenting you a nice way to decorate your home office and ... yes, discount code will follow !

Feeling Good in your Home Office!

When working from home, you have a couple of best practices to be productive and efficient. I won't even mention the Internet access quality but a good table and a good chair is a mandatory step to the wellbeing at home office. Today's topic is more about the general atmosphere of the room. Oh yes, you need a dedicated room when working from home. This is not always obvious and easy, but having a dedicated room helps to keep work away from personal life. You need to have that balance to keep fresh and happy to go to your home office (when commuting from the kitchen ;))

What I'm pointing here is the way you decorate the room. I use to keep the conference passes I'm collecting from ages, they remind me the good old days. I'm also keeping my awards, certificates and so on who made who I am today, but I had some empty space on the walls that needed some funny, decorative, eye-catching furnitures. I discovered a very "geek-techie" ornament on a YouTube channel I'm following; it is composed of various parts of electronic devices that left a strong fingerprint on the technology world we are all fan of.

Grid Studio

Grid studio is a company created in September 2020, based in Shenzhen, China (the border with Hong Kong). They create arts from technology products that remain famous in the consumer electronic history. They initially converted the first iPhone (you can love or hate Apple products, this is a true statement that the iPhone was a milestone in the electronic age) and later added Android phones and even portable video game consoles. They dismantle the product and arrange it in a nice way with some technical annotations so it makes it informative as well as decorative. In short, this is stunning and will make any visitor drooling in front of this amazing frame. Additionally, this is a nice way to recycle electronics ! It takes about a week to turn nonfunctional devices to ornaments. You might think this is long, but they really focus on quality of the final product, each parts are cleaned to perfection.

I treated myself with the icony iPod Touch 1st generation. Believe it or not but I still have one in working condition !

This is how it looks on the Grid Studio website

Unboxing Experience

Yes, there are products you like to unwrap. Apple products are famous for that, but I believe we are entering into the next level with Grid Studio products.

No need to be afraid with the shipping, it is well protected and nothing could happen while transiting to you. I ordered mine the black Friday week-end and it took 12 days to get it home (China -> Belgium). Most of the time was idling at customs (not a big surprise) ....

When I received my order it came up in a very nice wrapping and this is actually the best unboxing experience I ever had ! The product is ideal if you want to make it a gift. Have a look.

Outside package (note the corner protection)

Without plastic wrapping

The frame itself nicely (over nicely !!!) wrapped - yes, this is wax !

When I open the gift package, this is where the wow effect came in ! There is a protective plastic film on the glass (plexiglass for safety) to be sure there are no scratches on the finished product. I recommend you to remove it just before hanging it on the wall - simply by gently pushing the plexiglass when removing it.

Piece of Art

The attention to details is crazy. I took some close-up pictures trying to show you how amazing it is. I apologize for the light reflexion.

And finally, when attached to the wall, the result is stunning ! I must admit, I'm very happy with my new wall decoration.

I was so happy with my initial frame that I got myself another one. The Nintendo DS Lite was also a milestone in the portable video game industry. It fits perfectly below the iPod Touch ! What do you think ?

The Nintendo DS Lite with protective film

Just for fun, with my own DS Lite (still in very good working conditions)

This is really amazing once hanged on the wall

Discount !

If you want to treat yourself with the Grid Studio of your choice, I have negotiated a 15% discount just for you ! Enter the code JSFL15 at checkout and you'll be happy. To reach out the Grid Studio only store, this is HERE. The promo code is valid LIFETIME, don't miss this opportunity !

As a conclusion, I will use this quote from Gid Studio :

"Every Classic Deserves to be Framed!"

I hope you will find some interest with this review. I'm planning to do more in the future when possible.

This is my last post for 2021, wishing you all a wonderful New Year 2022 !!


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