Rubrik : Detect & Protect Unprotected VMs


We came to a point where unprotected VMs can be out of sight and we could potentially miss protection on some important object. We do not want to apply a default protection at the top level of our infrastructure to avoid any uncomfortable storage usage. So what ? It would be nice to have a script running on a cluster and check what are the unprotected VM and apply an SLA ... mmmh let me think...

Php Framework !

Indeed, I'm reaching the point where my Php Framework becomes more and more handy and full of useful features. So, what about scripting this ?!?

What is the deal ?
  • Connect on the cluster;
  • Search for unprotected VMs (both vmware and Nutanix);
  • Ask the user if a chosen SLA must be applied;
  • Apply it;
  • report what's been done;
Sound like a plan !

Honestly, with all the tools I have, it took 1/2 day to have something clean and tidy !

Here is the script in action on my test environment : 

You can find the script here on GitHub !

I hope this helps.


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