Paleblue : Product Updates


In 2021, I was introduced to the PaleBlue brand and their groundbreaking approach to rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, designed to supplant traditional single-use batteries. The concept and the product resonated with me deeply. You can revisit my initial article on PaleBlue [here]. Now, PaleBlue has taken strides in enhancing their offerings in several key areas. Let's delve into these developments.

What's new ?

There are a couple of additions to the Paleblue new product line : 
  • Introduction of the USB-C charging port
  • New packaging
  • New capacity
  • New format

USB-C Charging port

In compliance with a European directive aimed at establishing a universal charger by the end of 2024, PaleBlue has preemptively adopted the USB Type-C standard. This forward-thinking move not only aligns with regulatory requirements but also offers enhanced convenience for consumers.

Accompanying this upgrade is a 4-way USB-C charging cable that exemplifies the brand's commitment to adaptability and user-friendliness.

New packaging

And new format : the CR123A batteries !

Initially designed for use in cameras, CR123A batteries are now widely used in Wireless Security, Home Automation, Smoke Detectors, Illumination Equipment, Tactical Equipment and more. Choosing a CR123A for these applications has many advantages.

PaleBlue continues to prioritize sustainability with their recycled cardboard packaging. The use of screws may seem unorthodox but serves a dual purpose of securing the plastic packaging and conveying a durable, industrial aesthetic. This design choice reflects an intriguing blend of form and function.

New Capacity

Good news, the chemical mixture has been improved which results in extended capacity. Let's take this to the test !

Same methodology as in my previous article, I will completely discharged the batteries, charge them to full and check the results.

This is the measured capacity for the AAA batteries :

And this one is for the AA batteries :

The charging speed seems to be improved. Knowing the capacity has been increased, the charging time is faster than the previous battery edition.

New Format

Paleblue is introducing a new battery format : the CR123A. This type of battery is providing 3V and was very popular back in the days in cameras. The CR123A batteries, initially prevalent in camera equipment, have found a new life in a variety of modern devices such as wireless security systems and tactical gear. The addition of this format to PaleBlue’s lineup demonstrates their versatility and responsiveness to diverse consumer needs.

Paleblue's CR123A are also using USB-C charging cables and provide excellent alternative to the regular non-rechargeable CR123A battery.

What else ?

PaleBlue has also unveiled an innovative solution for on-the-go energy needs: solar panels capable of recharging batteries. This sustainable option aligns with global environmental efforts and offers consumers a way to harness renewable energy for their portable electronics.

The solar panels are already available for the US market. Europe is following early 2024.

Special Offer for Our Readers : 

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PaleBlue is aptly navigating market trends by incorporating USB-C into their battery range. This shift aligns with a growing consumer preference for a unified charging standard and positions PaleBlue as a brand that's not just keeping pace, but leading the charge in the evolution of battery technology.


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