Rubrik : Multi-tenancy Has Arrived !


What if your sub-team can manage their backup/restore jobs by themselves ? What if they can configure SLAs for their applications ? They restore job directly without requesting this action to the backup administrators ? A dream ? Probably a reality as well !

Delegation / Multi tenancy

Multi-tenancy is a cloud way of handling access to a platform. It basically means that a "tenant" (customer) can access a portion of a platform without even noticing that other tenant are also using it. You have the feeling that you are alone because other users of this platform are hidden to you.

As Rubrik released its latest Atlas version (4.1) you are now able to create "Organizations" from the gear menu (who also been revamped and this is very well done!) go to Organizations.

Then feel free to create a new one. Once the organization has been created, you need to add users and then rights for those users. You can chose either VMs or entire cluster and this for any type of clusters/objects.

Then, you can chose what SLA the user will be able to manage/assign VMs :

Once completed, log out and login again with the users you have added to the new tenant, you will be prompted to enter into your tenant :

Once completed, you will see the organization you are logged on. Yes, the same user can be allowed on different tenants.

From a security point of view, the new dashboard is only showing objects you have access to : 

This is a very nice feature !!


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