Rubrik : Reset a Brik to Factory Defaults


You have completed tests with your new brik and you would like to reset everything to defaults. This is possible with one command : reset. It has some requirements in order to move on. You need to understand what will be reset and what won't.

Resetting Everything

When you reset a brik to factory defaults, you need to be aware of the following :
  • All data will be wiped out, no possibility to recover;
  • All settings are gone forever : SLA, SMTP, Users, ...;
  • You need to action the reset operation on each nodes;
  • You will have to connect with the IPv6 of each nodes to maintain connectivity during the process.
First, locate IPv6 of the hosts, it consists of the <node's serial number>.local

It is written on a sticker at the back of the appliance (on each nodes) and also available in the web UI (go to system / see all nodes) :

Another means to get the IP is to connect via ssh using the IPv4 of the node and issue an ifconfig bond0, what we are looking at is the inet6 addr section :

$ ssh admin@
admin@'s password:
 Welcome to Rubrik CLI

Type 'help' or '?' to list commands

RVM182S00xxxx >> ifconfig bond0
bond0     Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr ac:1f:xx:8d:df:c9
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
          inet6 addr: fe80::ae1f:xxxx:fe8d:dfc9/64 Scope:Link
          RX packets:1486995494 errors:0 dropped:1 overruns:0 frame:0
          TX packets:2373012166 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:0
          RX bytes:4372280556692 (4.3 TB)  TX bytes:2633689308914 (2.6 TB)

RVM182S00xxxx >>

Once you have it, you can do ssh on it.

Note : I've lost almost a day trying to get access to the IPv6 of the node via ssh. You need to specify in the command what NIC of your machine you are going to use (outbound interface). Syntax is ssh user@ipv6%interface

$ ssh admin@fe80::ae1f::fe8d:dcd9%en3
The authenticity of host 'fe80::ae1f::fe8d:dcd9%en3 (fe80::ae1f::fe8d:dcd9%en3)' can't be established.
ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:DUYYoGr0Fiat+LFs/Pf/+cf6VTv8yvScErNl8rIoVLU.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added 'fe80::ae1f::fe8d:dcd9%en3' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
admin@fe80::ae1f::fe8d:dcd9%en3's password:
 Welcome to Rubrik CLI

Type 'help' or '?' to list commands

RVM182S00xxxx >>

In the above example, en3 is the network interface I'm using on my Mac for outbound connectivity. You have managed to achieve the more complex task of the procedure, well done ;)

Ideally, open a terminal connection on each nodes to perform the last steps on each nodes at once. The entire procedure is about 3 minutes per nodes.

Issue the reset command

RVM182S00xxxx >> reset
Warning: This operation will erase all the data on the filesystem!!!
Type 'yes' to continue: yes
2018-03-27T09:01:13+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] Starting sdreset
2018-03-27T09:01:13+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] Running sdreset_internal
2018-03-27T09:01:20+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] 2018-03-27T09:01:20+0000 INFO <12976.main> [] svscan is already running with pid 18986
2018-03-27T09:01:20+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] 2018-03-27T09:01:20+0000 INFO <12976.main> [] Waiting for svc lock
2018-03-27T09:01:20+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] 2018-03-27T09:01:20+0000 INFO <12976.main> [] Stopping bootstrap services
2018-03-27T09:01:20+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] 2018-03-27T09:01:20+0000 INFO <12976.main> [] Stopping node-monitor
2018-03-27T09:01:21+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] 2018-03-27T09:01:21+0000 INFO <13340.MainThread> [sdservice] stopping service node-monitor
2018-03-27T09:01:22+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] 2018-03-27T09:01:22+0000 INFO <12976.main> [] Stopping carbon-relay
2018-03-27T09:01:22+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] 2018-03-27T09:01:22+0000 INFO <13369.MainThread> [sdservice] stopping service carbon-relay
2018-03-27T09:01:23+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] 2018-03-27T09:01:23+0000 INFO <12976.main> [] Stopping carbon-aggregator
2018-03-27T09:01:23+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] 2018-03-27T09:01:23+0000 INFO <13383.MainThread> [sdservice] stopping service carbon-aggregator


2018-03-27T09:03:43+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] 2018-03-27 09:03:43,154 Reloading dynamically generated iptables rules
2018-03-27T09:03:43+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] 2018-03-27 09:03:43,154 All rules loaded successfully
2018-03-27T09:03:43+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc]    ...done.
2018-03-27T09:03:43+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] Ran sdreset_internal successfully
2018-03-27T09:03:43+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] Starting post sdreset_internal steps
2018-03-27T09:03:43+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] Deleting install lock file if it exists
2018-03-27T09:03:43+0000 INFO <12973.MainThread> [reset_node.pyc] Ran sdreset successfully
RVM182S00xxxx >> 

Once completed, simple push the power button. you have a fresh hardware ready to be setup from scratch.


  1. any one know how to reset the password for the login?

    1. If you are looking for the "admin" password you need to ask Rubrik support to reset it with the "rksupport" access they have. You can provide them with access from IPMI or you need to tell them the node serial number (RVMxxxxx) so they can generate the password.

  2. Sory this post is very old, but i have found a older rubrik (not on support) at my work, i not have a password of CLI, only admin of web interface, but.. if i try to ping ip node work but web interface not work! it's possibile hard reset from machine?

    1. Sorry, what your saying is not clear to me. You have admin creds for the web UI but you cannot reach it ? Are you sure about the IP settings ?


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