Nutanix CE : Version 2019.02.11 has been released !

Breaking news!

Nutanix just released a brand new version of Nutanix Community Edition - 2019.02.11. This release is based on AOS 5.10.1 and then the Prism UI has been revamped !

Upgrade process is smooth as usual with the 1-Click philosophy.

As a matter of fact, the general rule of thumb is : 
  • First upgrade Prism Central;
  • Next upgrade AOS;
  • Lastly upgrade hypervisor.

Once completed, you have the new software release !

And the famous responsive UI.

If you are lucky enough and got sufficient amount of memory, you can deploy prism central and then test Calm. This is not my case as I only have 32 GB per node.

To be honest, it's been a while since I was waiting for this new version adding more storage optimization, new UI, ... But generally speaking, this is more to sync CE release with the official AOS release train.

To get it now, just jump onto this blog post and follow the instructions.


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