Webinar : I'm Guest Speaker !

Being a Panelist! Me ?!?

I'm a Rubrik and Nutanix fan (in any order), is there a better place than a webinar to spread the love ?

I've been contacted by Rubrik to be a speaker in a webinar. Woaw, I felt honored and humble at the same time. But, hold on, should I speak ? me ? alone in a meeting room with many people listening to me ? What an experience!

Let's do it!

First, I need approval from both my management and the marketing team to decide how this can be done, in what context, how the company brand will be used and what am I allowed to tell publicly. Hopefully this step went well and they all agree on the principle and of course wanted to do some screening on the content before the D-Day.

Then, I had to produce content. The subject of the webinar itself was very attracting : A Customer Love Story: From Legacy Tape to Next-Gen Data Protection with Rubrik and Nutanix. Ok, let's start from there. Important to know, this will be a shared webinar with two other speakers from Rubrik (Geert Verbist) and from Nutanix (Chris Paap). They will start to introduce their technology and then I should jump in with my own field-experience and explain how we did the switch. Rubrik took about 10 minutes, Nutanix extra 10 minutes and I had a slot of 30 minutes allocated to me!

As a non-English-speaking this is a stressful situation since I need to be conversational with the two other speakers and it should be as natural as possible. Of course, there is a lot of work upfront before the live webinar, actually, 2 meetings and 1 rehearsal / dry run were needed to have something acceptable for the audience.

Ready to go : cell phone muted, meeting room locked, network connection via cable, go !

When we started to broadcast, we saw the people joining. Only numbers, no names displayed, then we started to talk. Even more stressful and when you see people leaving/joining. Are we not attractive ? Are we boring ? Is the subject no interesting ? 

Then after the Q&A session it was time for closing and all of a sudden pressure is over and we can congratulate ourselves, we did a great job according to the host. It was a first for me and I enjoyed the exercice !

To view the on-demand webinar this is here.

Or embedded here

Special thanks to Samantha Peterson from Rubrik for the invitation.
Also big thanks to my co-speakers Geert Verbist (Rubrik) and Chris Paap (Nutanix)

That's it. 


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