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This post may be a bit different from others in the blog, but actually not too different. I enjoy swimming and make an effort to swim at least once a week, but I've always struggled to find suitable swimming goggles. The issue is often water getting inside, causing discomfort from being too tight, becoming foggy, and so on. When you're focused on counting your strokes, it's not practical to stop and adjust your goggles every lap. In the 21st century, there should be a solution to this problem.

Swimmers Challenge

Indeed, having to stop and readjust my goggles or empty the water inside is not a pleasant experience. It wastes time and disrupts my rhythm. Comfort while swimming is crucial for performance. I may not be a professional swimmer, but I don't want to be disturbed by external factors. The only things that matter are my movements, efficiency, and the calories I'm burning.

The key to finding the perfect goggles is having them custom-fit. However, this is often reserved for Olympic athletes or professional triathletes. As an amateur swimmer, it may seem too expensive or complex to obtain custom-fit goggles for the general consumer market.

This statement was true until TheMagic5 came to market !


TheMagic5 born in Denmark in 2016, it all started with a bright idea :
"With the advanced camera capabilities of our smartphones, we can now utilize this technology to capture a full scan of our face and create the ideal shape for our goggles."
Wow. This is brilliant, why nobody thought about this before ? 

Then it came on Kickstarter and been backed by more than thousand people who fell in love with that idea. Today, TheMagic5 has a manufacturing plant in USA, in North Carolina and they are shipping worldwide. As of today, the company employs 13 people and mostly based in US but plan is to have other locations to ease the delivery process.

Why is it a Revolution ?

Generally, there are three types of goggles you can purchase: small, regular, or large face. However, humans are unique and cannot be classified into just three sizes. Usually, you choose the size closest to your face and adjust the pressure of the band and nose piece to try to prevent leaks. However, after 10 minutes of swimming, your face may start to hurt, leaving you with a "racoon face" effect when you remove the goggles. To make matters worse, it may also leak during your swim.

The concept of custom-made products is not new and exists in various industries, but it has typically been accessible only to professionals who use their equipment intensively on a daily basis.

Now, TheMagic5 is bringing that experience to the masses !

The web 2.0 provides the means for anyone to scan their face, and based on the results, TheMagic5 can create custom-fit goggles that will transform your swimming experience forever.

I decided to give it a try 

The process is easy, self explanatory and actually logical and quick :

- Order the pair of goggle you like the most on their eShop
- Scan your face with the phone app

That's it 

The next step is to follow the process on the website. The estimated timeline for the process is as follows :
  • After submitting the scan, expect a 3-4 day verification process.
  • Once the scan is verified, production of the custom-fit goggles will commence.
  • The wait time will begin, but I don't remember exactly how long it took for my goggles to be made. It was around a week or so.
  • Once the goggles are complete, TheMagic5 will use DHL to ship them directly to you."
After submitting my face scan, it took only 8 days for my custom-fit goggles to arrive from the US to Europe! During the wait, TheMagic5 kept me informed with daily emails filled with tips on how to best use my new purchase.

Regarding the privacy, the face scan is kept 3 years in TheMagic5 systems. It's easier if you want to reorder a new pair of goggles, or you can ask them to delete your data, this is a simple procedure described here.  

The manufacturing process is very satisfying to watch, there is a good video here : 

What you get ?

You receive the goggles in a nicely designed box. 

The packaging has two perforations to facilitate the efficient removal of moisture from the goggles, thereby enhancing their durability and longevity. It is important to keep the goggles in their box as much as possible, it will prevent damages and scratches to maintain the swimming confort to the highest.

A hidden secret - at the back of the foam that holds the goggles, there are additional nose clips in different sizes for even better adjustments.

The goggles below are the Clear Magic, ideal for indoor swimming during the winter, providing perfect visibility.

There are protective shields on the lenses to prevent any damage during shipping. Of course, you need to remove them prior to use.

With my new goggles, I'm now the kind of the pool ;)


In conclusion, these goggles have completely transformed my swimming experience. I can now concentrate on my pace and stroke count and enjoy swimming without any distractions.
  • I don't have to touch the goggles at all during my swim session; I put them on once I enter the water and take them off when I leave the pool.
  • They are very comfortable and I've never experienced any pain while wearing them.
  • There have been no leaks and I don't have to remove water from the goggles.
  • The underwater vision is excellent.
  • There are no red lines on my face after my swim session.
  • I don't have to tighten them too much, which was a strange sensation when I first started using them.
  • The adjustable band mechanism is innovative and easy to use.
  • I've been using them for two months now and I haven't experienced any fogging issues.
  • They are a real advantage for swimmers of all levels.
  • To my surprise, my SWOLF (Swim golf score) has improved since I started wearing them.
These goggles are a must-have for any swimming enthusiast. I highly recommend them. The starting price is around USD 50. If you think this is too expensive, you can wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales or follow my link to receive an extra discount.

To be even more friendly, TheMagic5 was nice enough to provide you with a 10% discount code valid on any purchase, the code is Frederic10OFF. There is not limit in the time, feel free to use it as much as you love it !

Happy swimming!


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